Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just a few....and News!

You know how I told you I won a challenge from the Bellaholics weekend, well my prize has arrived! Em sent me a Bella Bindah plus inserts for it! My Bellas are loving the new house, it is the best! I honestly don't know why I didn't buy one for myself earlier. LOVE it!

Now its time for some new Christmas cards, these are due soon so I will be sending (I hope 40) cards for the Paper Pretties charity card drive. These 5 bring my current total to 36, so I know at least 36 card will soon be postal!Isn't this elf adorable, I love the style of this set.This card is classy, I used my Brilliance Inks and the 'Tough Branch' set from PaperTrey. Doesn't this card just work well together!Another example with these cute elves! Plus the fun background paper!I don't know what happened to this card. I started with a nice stamped scene of ornaments and silver and it ended up sort of puzzle like. So let me know what you think about this one, I'm a bit unsure about it really.

I really like this card, I think the colors work and the silver is a great touch. I really love the new PaperTrey sets!


Monica-FC said...

I love all the cards even the one thaty is like a puzzle. I never thought of doing one like that. I will have to try that. many thanks for the idea.

KelliJo said...

The puzzle really grabs ahold of your attention and has you staring! I love it!

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