Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Friends Forever

Well, it turns out that Nichole picked a card for the WCMD Card Contest that I never shared with you! Out of the 16 cards I created she picked one of my cards from what I thought the hardest digital kit to create with was. Don’t get me wrong I loved all three sets and I had a blast making these cards, but the Bloom set was the hardest for me to create something that I felt was good enough. If you roamed through the PaperTrey gallery you will see what I mean! The entries were amazing and the styles used throughout all the cards and projects were noteworthy to say the least, I would not have wanted to pick only a few winning cards from all the creations! So without further ado the card that Nichole would like a tutorial on (LOL)…
I love how the layering comes through on this card. I am a huge fan or drop shadows on any graphics I create so I used the same method to these digital cards, out of the 16 I think only three or four did not include drop shadows below the image.

I started with the two background graphics, split the card at about 60% and 40%. I then added the leaf ‘ribbon’ as I thought of it to the divide between the patterns, allowing for each pattern to stand out on its own. I just kept adding the small leaves to complete a full line across the card. I then added the ‘Friends Forever’ sentiment circle over the entire thing, making sure to leave some of it overlapping the ‘ribbon’ I created. But I wasn’t done yet! The card was wonderful as it was, but it needed something else to make it pop. I added a drop shadow to the sentiment and the leaf ‘ribbon’. I loved the look, but it needed something else still so I embossed the ribbon a bit allowing it to stand out and really have a defined ribbon like quality. I hope you enjoy the card…I plan on posted the step by step graphics to this to let you see what I mean. Have a great day all!

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Julie Masse said...

Very cool Jackie!! It looks amazing - wish I could do that!!! :)

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