Thursday, November 29, 2007

Velvety Snow

I sat down and completed the card I began last night. So far it is my favorite Gina K. Stamps card, I love how simple but classy this card came out. I think the velvet ribbon really completes the look. I am one who typically layers images on all sorts of things, but this just looked right, a bit different, but I love it just the same! The image from 'Got Snow' is colored in using my new Copic markers, so far I love them. The blending, the overall look is just great. You could be horrible at coloring and these markers make you look great, whats not to love! I used the Coll Grey #1 to outline the snow and the snowman, allowing both to have more definition.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gina K. Stamps

I promise I haven't gone anywhere. To be honest I have been memorized by a thread on SCS called 'Pay it Forward with your gently used stamps'....I have been sucked into the vortex that is PIF, so much so that I hosted Round #4 (we are now on Round #5....which means we have already surpassed over 20,000 posts!). I have been able to clear my stamping area of stamp sets that are not being used and almost every day new sets arrive for me to play with but I haven't been able to! I have drawings to do for my Dad, Christmas shopping, swaps to complete, and this PIF thread that I can not escape. So today I finally broke free and through the daze I saw my Gina K. stamps waiting to be used, calling my name in fact. I have finally trimmed my Gina K. Stamps and I decided to break out the 'Sandy Claws' and 'Got Snow?' stamps and create a few new creations. Enjoy!It is pretty hard to see, but I love this card! I used some fun sparkly paper and some amazing snowflake brads I received in a SGF package. I love this stamp set so much, it is just so classic looking. I colored in another image from this set, hopefully I can create a card for it later this week.

I recently ordered the new Grey from SU! but like 'Sandy Claws' I had yet to use it, so I decided to put the two together to get something a little different, but super fun. Gina what made you think of this adorable stamp? I just love my little he looks much happier since he is no longer in a pot!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

For all of you who are celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday, I wish you a very happy and healthy holiday. Enjoy all the time you get to spend with your family and friends today, let them know how much they mean to you.
Now, what is a better way to celebrate togetherness than to use some Bellas! Today I swapped half of the groups from my Bella Card Kit swap, and I just had to make a card using this kit! This kit came from Yoo-Rah (group #5), and I love it! Not only did she send the DP used on this card but the kit also came with the scalloped punched oval and an oval cut Chefabella, perfect for quick and simple coloring and mounting. I used enough supplies to make one card, but there is easily enough included to give this kit another go. Great kit creating Yoo-Rah! What better way to celebrate all the cooking than to use a Chefabella!

Monday, November 19, 2007


OMG! Have you checked out Taylor's 1 Million Week Giveaway? Her blog Taylored Expressions is amazing and this week she is giving away goodies from all sorts of companies and I won yesterdays! Woo-Hoo! There are some A*Muse goodies coming my way, but you still have a few days left to try for some great goodies. Today she is giving away two My Favorite Things stamp sets, and trust me you can't go wrong with those kinds of goodies, so make sure to check it out!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Challenge Time

Every week when we do not have a PaperPretties Stampin in Our Jammies night upcoming there is a card contest. I decided I hadn't played along in a while so I pulled up the challenge and got stamping. The rules are that you may only use a stamp that came from the PaperPretties Store in order for the entry to be valid so I used my beloved Cruisabella. This week we had to use glitter, but I couldn't just stop there. I used stickles all over the image of Bella and on the background where I attached Bella Baubles to the DP by stickles....Love it! Oh, and that yummy ribbon came from Jody over at Confessions of a Ribbon her shares! If you have yet to stop by, any share she offers is worth it!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I did say it was coming!

So after I posted earlier I began creating some DP with my new PaperTrey stamp sets, and I have completed a card! I hope to make a few more, a sort of set using the same colors and the DP I made. I love the layering quaility of this stamp set. I haven't gotten all the lining up correct yet, but it will come in time. I was so excited so the lining up is a bit off, but I love the results. Enjoy! By Saturday I should have at least one more card to share!

Hanna Stamps

I have now purchased both of the currently released Hanna Stamps, but last night I realized that I had yet to ink them up! Now we can't have that now can I pulled out all sorts of things to make two cards with the October release and they were so much fun to create!

I think this set is fun, just plain fun! I can't wait to purchase the new Hanna set that will be released tomorrow, hopefully it will be as fun to play with as this adorable Christmas set is!

In other news my WCMD sets arrived today! I plan on inking up Spiral Bouquet from PaperTrey as soon as I can, it is just screaming at me to be inked!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was intending to create a card using PaperTrey stamps since tonight is the release party, but I have yet to receive the newest sets, so while going through all of my clutter I found my MFT PaperPretties baggies! So I decided to use my MFT Boxes to create some more cards with the wonderful kits that arrive on my door step once a month...what do you think?I really like the way in which these kits are designed, there are so many possibilities with these kits, whats not to love!

I had to use these kits once I found them, I mean how could I not! I used my new Copic markers this evening, which I am getting used to. With more use I think I will get even better.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Mail!

So I have been reading great things about Copic Markers, about a month ago I ordered a few from PaperPretties and a few from eP to try them out. I love them, of course you should use Staz On or non-water based inks when you color with Copic Markers as I have discovered through trial and error, but they are great markers either way. So I have been roaming the 'bay' hoping to get some markers at a cheaper price...I am sorry but these markers are very expensive. Last Thursday I happened onto the 'bay' at the end of the work day to see if anything was tempting and I put a bid in for 30 markers....and I won! Now how much did I pay for these markers? You will never guess!! Give was $76.95 plus shipping! OMG, can you believe that?! Then today they came in the mail, I have yet to crack these suckers open, but I am thrilled to have them in my the 'bay'!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thinking Pink

I sat down today and made my Minis on a Mission card using all the goodies I received in my PaperPretties Limited Edition box. I love how this card turned out, of course I did not design it, I believe the wonderful Christie did, but I think its great anyway!The little bottle that looks like nail polish is in fact a container of assorted brads in colors and designs! I love the packaging on this, how can you not! Now on to my own version of what I received in my box...
Its a little different to be honest, but I just couldn't decide which Pinks and papers to use, so I used a bunch of them! The two images on the side are the left overs from my first card. What do you think? Does it work? It makes me think of an ad or some sort of picture frame, you know the main image with two smaller similar images to the side. I was going to add ribbon but I couldn't find a place to put it! Enjoy Ladies!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas Friend Swap

Well, I hosted a Christmas Friend Swap and I want to share with you all of the goodies that were created! So here are two pictures from the two groups that are completed. The rules were that you had to make or alter something using stamps that were not SU!, as you can tell from the images lots of PaperTrey and Bellas were used, but everything is wonderful.

The first picture is of all the goodies from the first group and the second picture is from the third group. I am waiting on the arrival of my angel for the second group but I will be posted those images as well. I loved what everyone sent in, we have a nice variety I think. Altered tins, notebooks, boxes, books, and candy! Hope you like these pictures. I still have to make some cards with my PP boxes, when I do I will post again!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to scream? Today was one of those days, I typically don't complain about things....but I just have to vent a little, so I apologize in advance.

So today I was asked to meet with my two managers at work. We went into a conference room where they told me that they feel I have been cutting my hours bit by bit and I am 'stealing' from the company. I was SHOCKED! We have flex time at my work so we are allowed to come in until 9am and stay late to make up my time. I am typically at work by 8:45 and I rightfully stay until 6:15 pm instead of my 6:00 pm (we work 8:30-6 four days a week and get out at 2:15 on Friday). I think maybe three times I have come in at 9am and stayed until 6:30, but apparently people have been noticing that I am not making up time when I am! There are days when I stay until 6:30 and I have come in at 8:30 (happened yesterday in fact!) so I honestly don't know where it was coming from, and I am still a bit pissed about it. I watch people do nothing in the office for hours while I work, but I miss 10 minutes of making up time and I get pulled into a meeting! OMG! There are more double standards than anything else where I am and I want to just leave, but I can't. It is my first job out of college and leaving after about 5 months would look horrible on my resume. I know I can't stay forever, but I thought things would get better. People have rubber band wars and chat at others peoples desks forever but they call me away from work that I am doing (which by the way I am the fastest and most efficient on my team) to tell me I need to make up more time......AHHHHHH!!

Okay, now that I got that out.....I got happy mail today which I greatly needed! My Gina K. stamps and the My Favorite Things stamp set I won arrived. I now have 'Time for the Bubbly' from MFT as well as 'Got Snow?', 'Punchy Words', 'Sandy Claws', and 'My Tailgate or Yours'. I hope to stamp soon....but I have more drawings to do for my Dad. So back to Auto CAD for me! Oh and all the pink rubber came from Gina K. as well, they were part of my goodie bag!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mini's On a Mission

It came today! The elusive Paper Pretties box with the My Favorite Things Think Pink set and all sorts of goodies! Here a picture of the contents....whats not to love! There are 8 different pink papers, three different pink ribbons, brads, plastic flowers, buttons, glitter, and a Ribbon punch! So what do you think? Was the extra Limited Edition Box worth it? I think it was....I love it all, unfortunately I can not stamp tonight as I have a million things to do, but I will be thinking about the possibilities this box will allow me to create when I sit down to do so!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wish RAK Card Contest

I am an active member of Wish RAK on SCS. Not only do I send wishes whenever I get the chance but I am also on the Mentor Committee where we offer help to any new comers to Wish RAK. So this weekend I caught up on what has been happening and I wandered upon the November Card Contest. I thought I should share the two cards I created for the challenge so far. I have one more category to create a card from. Enjoy Ladies!
The first category was to create a card using fall colors of brown and yellow/gold plus a third color of your choice. I picked green as my color of choice and created this 'Hopping Happy' card from one of the Penny Black animal images I received in the mail this week from a fellow Wish RAKer.

This adorable Bella card features an image of Snowbunnyabella I received through Wish RAK, this category was a sketch challenge, it was rotated to the right to be a short card, but I just had to use this image and create a tall card instead. The cute little snowflake brad was something I received from KelliJo in a monthly Supply swap I am signed up for....I love this look!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Fun Things!

After I posted about the MFT release party the Gina K. Designs party began, and thus another challenge! Not only was there lots of chatting, sneak peeks, and a great sketch challenge there was also an opportunity for a free grab bag guaranteed to have at least 10 stamps! Then Gina revealed the free stamp set of the month with your purchase of three stamp sets as well as her new website and the other new stamp sets revealed for November 1st. I had a great time, these stamp sets are wonderful, in fact all the newly released stamps are making me broke, but I am loving every minute about it! So here is my entry to the fun sketch challenge using my Make A Wish set.
So I did what is to be expected....I ordered three MFT sets and three Gina K. Design sets. SO what if I can't buy everyone Christmas presents I will have stamps to keep me company, so who needs friends...LOL! Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!
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