Thursday, June 14, 2007

Which Bellas and Ribbon!

Well…I realized that you may not know which Bellas are being offered through my candy so I am going to list them from memory…lets see how far I can get!

Daintybella, Beachabella, Flowahbella, Sisterhoodabellas, Feelabella, Bubblebella, Grumpabella, Cosmobella, Artistabella, Billybootabella, Diplomabella, Barabella, Pregabella, Imeldabella, Jammiebella, Lisabella, Gardenabella,
Frizabella, Curly Surpriseabella, Prezziebella, Shopabellas, Giftabella w/Hat….

Plus one Fella, Surfafella, for a grand total of 25 Bellas and 1 Fella.

So I missed a few in that list, I don’t even remember then! The ones I forgot are: Elizabella Balloonabell. I think that is pretty good! Don’t you…I would like to note that I just received 8 of these Bellas and the first time they were inked up was last night when I stamped all those images for Blog Candy!

Jody News! Jody over at Confessions of a Ribbon Addict is hosting a May Arts Ribbon Share. If you know what’s good for you and your bank account you will visit her page and get in on some super yummy ribbon!

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