Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cropping Away~

I went to an all day crop today and I had a blast. Two demos I know put it together I was able to complete 8 coaster books and 6 Bella cards for a swap that's due soon. I had so much fun and I got to chat with lots of friends! The pictures posted here are of the 8 coaster books I completed. I signed up for two groups and decided to stick to two sets of colors for each group, I thought it would make things more interesting. I think the hardest part about these little books were all the little flowers I had to cut out! I used 2 large blossoms and 5 little blossoms for each book. I spent most of the morning cutting little flowers! LOL

This evening I also have my KIT Club meeting, there are 6 ladies that get together once a month to make all sorts of projects and cards. I have been doing this group for about 5 years now and each class we learn something new. I will make sure to tell you all about it when I get back.

Friday, March 30, 2007


So I think the villagers are coming to get me...I have yet again won Blog Candy! I honestly don't know what is going on! I keep winning these amazing goodies, I don't know how or why it keeps happening but it does. I am sorry to everyone who keeps entering but not winning anything. I will soon be giving out my very own blog candy so make sure you comment to get a piece of the prize! Today I cut 1 yard of each of the ribbon spools shown, getting ready to send them out to a lucky winner! You have until Sunday to enter so get your spot while you can!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paper Pretties is Pretty!

It came today! My March box for Paper Pretties! I could not wait to rip open the package and begin playing! It had to wait till now though, I had class to attend. I have now returned home and can stamp! So here is the first card I made with my Basic Box from Christie, included came DaintyBella (isn't she cute!). If you have not signed up for these boxes, you must! The supplies are wonderful, great colors, and its an excellent way to keep up with the stamping peeps. The box included more than I thought it would, plus due to a paper issue Christie gave us lucky ladies gift certificates to her wonderful store! So now I have stamping goodies to play with and the promise of more in the future...Yay! Everything I used on the card except for the color pencils was included in the March box with enough to make 6 wonderful cards.

I won't ruin the surprise for the ladies out there that haven't gotten their boxes yet, but I know you will be thrilled with everything. Plus, April's box will soon be going out in the mail and with that comes JammieBella and some new additions to each box. Honestly, out of all the things I have come upon recently I think Paper Pretties is the best deal and something I am very glad I stumbled upon. If you decide to sign-up please let them know I sent you!

Don't forget! Blog Candy is below, make sure to post comments to get a ticket!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well, I have been reading all of the posts everyone is making in my blog candy post (directly below this post). I love to hearing from everyone out there! So I decided to share with you the cards I made for my VSN Challenge, Travel Time. I have already selected the winners of this challenge and have sent them off to the coordinators. I can't wait to see who the other hostess went with, the cards were wonderful for VSN. Great job everyone that participated,if you missed this one make sure to stop by for the next one, I will let you all know when that will be coming!

Both of these cards were created with images from a travel brochure I picked up. I love to look for new ways to use things we see all the time. Images of beautiful places is something we see on television, posters, and magazines. Using one of those images for a card is a great way to try something new and see what your results will be. I hope you try one out, they're lots of fun. The ladies who took part in my challenge did an excellent job using those images and dreaming of fun places they want to go. Enjoy!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ribbon....Ribbon...and something else!

Hello Ladies! Today the mailman brought me a special treat! Ribbon from Jody, not just any ribbon either, but the March Ribbon of the month with the striped ribbon add-on. I love all colors and amounts. I now have masses of wonderful ribbon! I was looking at all the colors I thought several looked familiar. So I dug out the spooled ribbon I have from Heidi to find that I already have a few of these colors, no where need as much of it, but I still have about 5 yards already of some of the grosgrain ribbon I just got. So, what should I do with my repeat ribbon? I don't know...or do I?

I have been speaking about a thing called 'Blog Candy' and here it comes! I will be picking two lucky ladies to win some stamping things. Now, the main prize is a pad of Basic Grey Paper, four matching stitched ribbons, and an accordion album and tin package. the second winner selected will receive one yard of each of the ribbons pictured below the main package. I am so excited to give some things out, I have also decided that if enough ladies respond I may just have to cut up and give away some more ribbon! So 'stay-tuned'....

How do you win this Blog Candy? Simply answer the questions below to let me know what you think!

1. What would you like to see in my blog?
2. What is you favorite decorative paper?
3. What is you favorite color?

So get answering! I will be picking the winners Sunday night, April 1st at midnight! you have until then! Good Luck!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I Won Again!

Can you believe it? I know I can't! It seems that I have won another blog candy give away, this time from Lorie at Live Long Laugh Create. Thank you so much Lorie! I have included a picture of my winnings! I am so excited about this, I can't wait to play with all of these things. Stamping ladies are the best!

Also, VSN is coming to a close, you still have a little time to complete any of the challenges over on SCS if your up to it! I know I've been posting about blog candy, and mine is coming! I plan on unveiling and posting the blog candy post this week sometime, so make sure you stop by! My way of playing it forward ladies! Have a lovely Sunday :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ribbon Time

I am 'patiently' waiting for May Arts Ribbon, Polka Dot Ribbon, and the March Ribbon Share from Jody the self confessed Ribbon Addict. All May Arts Ribbon shares are still open, and knowing Jody more shares will come soon. I would give her about two weeks (if she can last that long) before something else wonderful will grace her blog and become open to us crazed ribbon addicts! LOL

Meanwhile I have finished spooling the organdy and grosgrain ribbon I ordered from Heidi, better know as pinkhedgehog on SCS. She has begun posting details of the shares she offers on her blog! I suggest you check them out,they are wonderful. Right now she is taking spots on an Eyelet share for 3,000 eyelets; Grosgrain Ribbon shares; and Brad shares! I have already received three shares from her and ordered four more. I highly recommend Heidi she does an excellent job with her shares. She also answers as many pesky questions as I can come up with! Thank Heidi! The image posted is a picture of the organdy and grosgrain ribbon I ordered from Heidi, aren't they lovely!

Friday, March 23, 2007

VSN is Here!

YAY! If you do not know what VSN is let me tell you all about it! VSN stands for Virtual Stamp Night, every hour a new challenge is posted in the Virtual Stamp Night Forum on SCS. You are given 45 minutes to complete the challenge before you are asked to stop. This will be my fourth VSN and this time I will be hosting one of the challenges....but I can't tell you which one...LOL...I will say that you should stop by VSN tomorrow some time and you may see me hosting a challenge ;)

I look forward to VSN it is a whole weekend when I stop what I'm doing to stamp the night away. I mean who could ask for more fun than that? Now, I live at home with my parents so all of my stamping things are stored in my room, but when VSN rolls around I pull everything out and get ready to play! So the picture you see with this post is what the dining room table currently looks like. Enjoy! The colorful boxes hold all sorts of embellishments. The Pink one holds all of the goodies I received from the Secret Bunny Swap. Orange holds Basic Grey 6x6 pads, eyelet containers, Once Upon a Time mat stack, glue dots and small samples of SU background papers. Lastly, Blue contains masses of ribbon spools and my silent eyelet setter. I had packaged everything up to go to a crop last week that was cancelled and rescheduled for next Saturday...more stamping fun to be had!

Oh...and tomorrow I will be shopping for Heather's Mother's Day Challenge on my quest I plan on finding some items to use in my up coming Blog Candy, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lets try this Again...

Last night I wrote up an entire post on the mail I received and blogger found a link that wasn't closed and deleted the entire thing. I was too tired to type it all out again, so I am trying it again tonight!

So continuing with what I wrote yesterday...I received gifts from my Secret Bunnies yesterday! I joined Heather's swap over on SCS, she currently has a Secret Mother's Day Exchange going again. I would suggest you sign up it was a blast! The first picture is the package of gifts I received from my $10 bunny! All sorts of fun things to play with, and I can't wait to. Ribbon, tags, chocolate, and adhesive ribbons...what more could a girl ask for?

The next picture is from my ever so wonderful $20 bunny! Can you see her? Have you found her yet? Yes...that's right! I got a new Bella! She is Deeeevine! I now have Gardenbella, and I can't wait to take her out of her package and get her all dressed up for a celebration. I will be sure to post my first card with her here for all of you. She really is beautiful. On top of the Bella my bunny sent me all sorts of Easter candy, ribbons, tags, stickers, punches and a wonderful card! I can not thank you enough for my wonderful package! I can not wait to find out who you are to thank you once again.

I got one more package yesterday from Heidi also known as pinkhedgehog on SCS. She hosts bulk buys every now and then and yesterday I got my grosgrain ribbon in the mail. 40 colors at 5 yards a color, how can you go wrong? Right now she is not hosting shares, but if you send her a private message on SCS I'm sure she will let you know when her next share will be.

One last thing for tonight...Paper Pretties Boxes are in the mail if you joined. I can't wait to get Daintybella, she looks lovely. I am also considering joining in the box for My Favorite Things, their stamp sets look fun. I will let you know what comes in the March Paper Pretties box when it gets here!

Monday, March 19, 2007


It seems that the 'blog stalking' I described has paid off! I can't believe it but I seem to have won some blog candy! Today I opened up my Google homepage to find listed on my huge list of new blog posts (I use Google reader it is wonderful!) was an announcement of a blog candy winner. Once I find a blog that I like it gets added to my subscriptions, and so like other blogs I added Ink a Stamp to my long of blogs I read. Ana had asked her readers to choose which banner she should use on her site, I selected 'D', which was not the winner of the poll, but it made me the winner of candy! The picture is what will be coming my way! I am just SO excited that I won something, I can hardly contain myself!

I have been giving much thought to the whole Blog Candy possibility, but I have not come up with something worth trying to give out to you lovely ladies. I promise when I find something to give out, I will post it to let you all try to get some Blog Candy of your own! After all the mention of anyone else craving some?...LOL.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I'm back! Sorry I have been absent as of late, I've been busy doing other stamping things that I would love to fill you in about! I have recently become a blog candy stalker. you suffer from the same problem? I surf blogs to find places to enter for something...a condition I seem to have developed.

Oh! And happy news! I was chosen to be a Vacation Vixen on SCS so I will be hosting a challenge next weekend. Friday and Saturday night, every hour, there will be a new challenge posted. Make sure to drop by and join in on the fun! This will be my fourth Virtual Stamp night, but my first time hosting a challenge of my own. The Vixens decided to do a small swap with each other, so the picture to the right are the things I received from my Big Sis Vixen, Julee or shadowcatcher...they are wonderful and I love everything! The crystal flower stickers, the clear stamps, acrylic blocks, the paperclip, pad and pen set. Take a close look at that card! It really is so pretty, even better in person!

I have also been taking part in a lot of shares, so I would like to 'share' the information with everyone! My favorite shares have come from Jody, her site Confessions of A Ribbon Addict is wonderful! She hosts ribbon shares of all kinds, and has recently added Primas to the list of shares she offers. I received my prima share last week and I love them! Look at all of the colors! They are arranged in three rows, the top is the Essential Primas, the middle is the Got Flowers line, and the bottom row is Daisy Craze. Both Daisy Craze and Got Flowers are samples of 24 different color sets, and 6 sets of the Essential line. Each mason jar holds masses of little baggies so I can keep the colors straight. They are just Divine! Right now she is offering five different ribbons as a share Velvet, Velvet Ric Rack, Striped Grosgrain, Single Row Dotted Grosgrain, and Stitched Grosgrain. Spots are still open if you are interested I know she would love to have you.

Then I have purchased Basic Grey Paper, Stickles, and Scalloped Punches from Cindy at My Inky Fingers. She offers shares of things as she comes across them, she also makes amazing cards that she gives out every now and then, I suggest you check her out! All three shares are still available, I'm sure she would love more people joining her shares. Also, if you decide to enter her blog candy challenge (it is awesome!) please tell her I sent you!
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