Friday, March 30, 2007


So I think the villagers are coming to get me...I have yet again won Blog Candy! I honestly don't know what is going on! I keep winning these amazing goodies, I don't know how or why it keeps happening but it does. I am sorry to everyone who keeps entering but not winning anything. I will soon be giving out my very own blog candy so make sure you comment to get a piece of the prize! Today I cut 1 yard of each of the ribbon spools shown, getting ready to send them out to a lucky winner! You have until Sunday to enter so get your spot while you can!


Donna B. said...

dang girl, you are LUCKY! I know you're going to enjoy your goodies...congratulations

L8ybug2 said...

Congratulations on being the luckiest blogger. What great prizes you won.

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