Monday, March 19, 2007


It seems that the 'blog stalking' I described has paid off! I can't believe it but I seem to have won some blog candy! Today I opened up my Google homepage to find listed on my huge list of new blog posts (I use Google reader it is wonderful!) was an announcement of a blog candy winner. Once I find a blog that I like it gets added to my subscriptions, and so like other blogs I added Ink a Stamp to my long of blogs I read. Ana had asked her readers to choose which banner she should use on her site, I selected 'D', which was not the winner of the poll, but it made me the winner of candy! The picture is what will be coming my way! I am just SO excited that I won something, I can hardly contain myself!

I have been giving much thought to the whole Blog Candy possibility, but I have not come up with something worth trying to give out to you lovely ladies. I promise when I find something to give out, I will post it to let you all try to get some Blog Candy of your own! After all the mention of anyone else craving some?...LOL.

1 comment:

KERI R. said...

Lucky you Jackie!!!!

Looks like some really FUN goodies in there! HAPPY STAMPIN'!!!


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