Monday, March 26, 2007

Ribbon....Ribbon...and something else!

Hello Ladies! Today the mailman brought me a special treat! Ribbon from Jody, not just any ribbon either, but the March Ribbon of the month with the striped ribbon add-on. I love all colors and amounts. I now have masses of wonderful ribbon! I was looking at all the colors I thought several looked familiar. So I dug out the spooled ribbon I have from Heidi to find that I already have a few of these colors, no where need as much of it, but I still have about 5 yards already of some of the grosgrain ribbon I just got. So, what should I do with my repeat ribbon? I don't know...or do I?

I have been speaking about a thing called 'Blog Candy' and here it comes! I will be picking two lucky ladies to win some stamping things. Now, the main prize is a pad of Basic Grey Paper, four matching stitched ribbons, and an accordion album and tin package. the second winner selected will receive one yard of each of the ribbons pictured below the main package. I am so excited to give some things out, I have also decided that if enough ladies respond I may just have to cut up and give away some more ribbon! So 'stay-tuned'....

How do you win this Blog Candy? Simply answer the questions below to let me know what you think!

1. What would you like to see in my blog?
2. What is you favorite decorative paper?
3. What is you favorite color?

So get answering! I will be picking the winners Sunday night, April 1st at midnight! you have until then! Good Luck!


Katie said...

1. What would you like to see in my blog?

I like to see what others are up to and how they are taking to the newest *it* thing.

2. What is you favorite decorative paper?

Oh I love all PP...but lately I am in love with paisleys!!

3. What is you favorite color?

For paper crafts, I love brown and blue or brown and pink.

Allison said...

1. What would you like to see in my blog?

Just lots of samples...every individual's take on a papercraft is special!

2. What is you favorite decorative paper?

Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl right now...

3. What is you favorite color?

Many shades of green - celery, olive, etc.!


Kristine said...

I love to see other peoples work, to see new techniques. My favourite paper is KI. My favourite colour is brown and pink combos.

Anonymous said...

I like to see lots of samples in a blog. With details of what you used to create them. Favorite decorator paper.... I love SU's papers in the spring mini. Pink is my fav color. LorieR

Donna B. said...

1. What would you like to see in my blog?

More if your creations, what's going on in your world

2. What is you favorite decorative paper?

Pheobe by Basic Grey but I'm still anxiously waiting for it to arrive in the mail

3. What is you favorite color? Purple

Eleanor said...

Great blog candy...
1. 3-d projects, and other samples of things you do.

2. As for paper I like to use basic gray, and S.U. paper sets.

3. brown and pink go very well together.

doverdi said...

1. What would you like to see in my blog? I also love to see the newest 3D projects, new techniques, cards, mini books & whatever you want to share.

2. What is you favorite decorative paper? Right now it would have to be Basic Grey.

3. What is you favorite color? My favorite color would be pink & brown right now. (I'm kind of stuck on it)lol

loislane said...

I love to see different ways of folding and different shaped cards. My favorite paper would have to be Basic Grey and my favorite color is yellow!!

Jennifer said...

1. I love to see why someone thought to put things together~like what was your starting point, the stamp or the paper or a design you saw.
2. TAC Geneveive
3. PINK, PINK & More PINK! Oh yeah and PINK

Y said...

1. Cards, cards, cards and more cards please!!!! I love to see what people are working on. It's a bonus to find new card folding techniques etc.

2. I haven't really gotten into patterned paper. I am still drooling from afar.

3. I love elegant eggplant. I just need the ink family so I can do something with it!!!



Cindy Keery said...

1. What would you like to see in my blog?

I love to see anything that is hand made... anything creative!

2. What is you favorite decorative paper?

Basic Grey, SU

3. What is you favorite color?

Certainly Celery

Dawn Mercedes said...

I love seeing new ideas/techniques/tricks of the trade on blogs. I don't have any favorite patterned paper b/c I don't own any. My all time favorite color is RED! It's so, valentines, 4th of July, burgundy for fall, pinks for spring, sports teams, name has red in it.

Nancy said...

Answers to your questions....
1. I just like to stuff! Post on a regular basis to keep me coming back!

2. My favourite papers... hmmmm.... 3 Bugs in a Rug catches my eye lately. Don't really have a favourite

3. My favourite colour is different shades of blue!

Sarah said...

I love seeing cards and altered projects, my favourite paper at the moment has to be Basic Grey Pheobe and my favourite colour is pink.

L8ybug2 said...

1. I like to see cards and gift items.
2. My favorite DP right now id SU since that's all I have.
3. My favorite color is shades of blue. I really like SU's Brocade Blue.
Love your blog, Great candy. TFS!

MiMi's Place said...

I am always interested in seeing what others are making, so keep that coming.

My favorite paper is anything pushed through that sweet little cuttlebug!!!

My favorite color changes often - sometimes due to mood, sometimes due to seeing a color on someone else, and even seeing it used in someone else's project. I bought a sheet of handmade paper from a local boutique that is teal and greens with lots of gold running through it. I could do my whole home in it! But then I would want to change it as soon as I found my "next" favorite!


Cheryl K said...

Ribbon Wow!
1. I love the newest in thing, and tips on how to use it.
2. Favorite decorate paper, any of the Stampin' Up designer papers. I love them all!
3. Green - anything green!!!

Andrea said...

1. What would you like to see in my blog?

I love getting card and craft inspiration from other people. I'm not very good when it comes to seasonal gifts and ideas for cards, so I will go with that. :)

2. What is you favorite decorative paper?

I am addicted to stripes. But I love circles and other funky designs.

3. What is you favorite color?

I have been very into pink lately. But my favorite color changes quite frequently.

CAKVD said...

1. I like to see cool new techniques - how to do them and what supplies are needed
2. I don't have a specific brand that I like, but I'm really in to the girly stripes and random circles patterns
3. My favorite color is pink!
Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

Gina Wrona said...

1. I like to see a variety of cards & other paper projects.

2. My favorite decorative paper is the 2 sided designer paper series in the spring mini.

3. Chocolate, Oh, I meant brown.

scfranson said...

Wow, amazing blog! I'll be back often. I love to see cards of all kinds on a blog, esp. holiday cards. My favorite paper is Melissa Frances and I love the colors blue and green.
Claudia F.

stampin_melissa said...

1. I want to see some of your creations using some of that ribbon! I love ribbon, but always seem to struggle with using it.

2. I have only used Stampin' Up, but have recently purchased some Basic Grey, but haven't received it yet, so I haven't tried using it yet.

3. Purple is my favorite color. Just about any shade will do nicely!

Peggy said...

I would love to see your cards or altered items using all the fun ribbon, primas and BG papers you are getting!!

My favorite paper right now is Chatterbox-- it's the prettiest paper at my LSS. I haven't received the BG papers from Inkyfingers yet! Maybe that'll be my favorite :)

My favorite colors are browns-- any shade. Dark rich browns to linen!

Selina said...

I would love to see more projects that you have created or new techniques you are learning.

Favorite paper: for the moment, I love SU Petals & Paisley paper.

Favorite color: purple. But in crafting I tend to go towards blue, brown and pinks.

Jan Scholl said...

1. I like to see anything pretty that leaps off the screen and says wow.

2. paper is an addiction. I love it especially the shny ones from KI or Reminesce.

3. RED-always red.

Ila said...

1. I love to see cards, projects, actually any kind of art with a bit of a how too and material list...the odd recipe here and there.

2. I like SU paper (new spring mini). I also really love Basic Grey and Cosmo Cricket.

3. I love most colors. I think my favorite of late are shages of greens..browns and purples.

Regina said...

I'd love to see some altered frames at your blog. My favorite decorative paper is Basic Grey...followed closely by Crate Paper. My favorite color (right now) is SU's Chocolate Chip.

Amber H said...

1. What would you like to see in my blog? any and all of your creations. everyones taste is so different.

2. What is you favorite decorative paper? SU right now. Don't have any other kind. I need to get out more often!

3. What is you favorite color? pink and browns

Susan Liles (susiestampalot) said...

wow! what fun candy! on your blog, i like to see different ways to use ordinary things and say, hmm...why didn't i think about that! fave paper is anything by basic grey and fave color is pink pink and more pink!!!

Julie said...

I love to see lots of pretty projects and cards!
I love SU's papers lately ,they are so bright and cheerful!
My favorite colors right now are cool caribbean & cert. celery!
Thanks for a great contest!! and a great blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love seeing cards and scrapbook pages. It's inspiring seeing what other people create! I don't really have a favourite paper, but my favourite colour is Pink, any shade of pink! lol.. thanks so much.

~Chantale L~

ikkinlala said...

I like to see cards. I like to see other things, too, but I usually find myself liking cards the best. I don't have a favourite decorative paper - different kinds work for different situations. My favourite colour is blue.

Mara said...

1. What would you like to see in my blog?

I love seeing what you create it gives me so much insperation

2. What is you favorite decorative paper?

right now since it just came out Brazzill bling paper
3. What is you favorite color?

Susan said...

I like seeing creations! Cards/goodies, etc.

I love Basic Grey (funny, huh?)

My favorite colors are greens and browns

Jen said...

You sharing on your blog is what I want to see, I love to see everyone's work, that is what I enjoy the most.............Fav DP Oh man there are so many great papers out there.....I'm totally in to Basic Grey but I love the new cosmo cricket line. Fav color, I have been using a lot of pastels lately, but I'm totally a bold and bright color girl. Thanks for offering up such awesome blog candy!

Jackie said...

1. What would you like to see in my blog?

Anything and everything - I love samples of cards and project instructions. It's always interesting to see other people's work!

2. Favorite decorative paper?

I can't say I have a favorite manufacturer but I love pastels lately.

3. Favorite color?

Pink (for now).

Jessica (jessrose21) said...

I love to see cards. They don't have to be fancy, I just love to see what other people make!
Choosing my favorite decorative paper would be like choosing my favorite stamp: impossible! But my top three are Basic Grey, Daisy D's, and Chatterbox.
My favorite color is green, especially moss or willow.

Michelle said...

What a fun giveaway! Who doesn't love ribbon?
To answer your questions:
1) I love pictures, especially pictures of papercrats, and information on the design process.
2) My favorite designer paper right now is Basic Grey Phoebe. I need to play with it more, but I can't bear to cut it up.
3) My favorite all-time color is red. But I love using cool caribbean in my cardmaking.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing new card samples, new ideas for misc. projects but I am most in need of scrapbooking ideas! Nothing elaborate.
My favorite papers are SU & Basic Grey, the Blush line at the moment.
And one favorite color? At the moment, shades of blue.
Ilene B.

jodene said...

I am a tecnique junkie so I love when people show how to's on their site's!My favorite paper is Petals and Paisley's from stampin'up.And my favorite colors right now are cocoa,true thyme and pink,they look beautiful together!!!

Miss Vicki said...

1. I like to look at other stampers cards because I get to see how others would make a card with a specific stamp. I new to stalking the blogs, so this has really been fun and enlighting for me.

2. I love Anna Griffin paper. Sometimes I do wedding invitations for couples and really like incorporating her paper into the designs. However, my lastest love has been for the Basic Grey, Stella Ruby. By the time I saw this paper and went to our scrapbook store here, they were out of most of it. But I love the dark rich colors.

3. Well, I'm not sure I have one particular favorite color. I like the jewel tones/Tuscany colors, Dark cranberry, dark green, muted golds, deep navy, etc. Which is why I think I like the Stella Ruby paper so much. It has the dark rich colors that I like.

Heather Leech said...

I just discovered your blog, so I'm not really sure...looks great, though!
I'm really getting into the Basic Grey stuff. Although, I have just started back collecting s/b paper again, so I'm lovin' all of it!
Celery has to be it. I bought some new clothes for holidays - a beautiful shade of celery.

Betty said...

Love is in the Air! It has been a joy to read your blog - just favorited it from an SCS thread..

to answer your questions:
1. What to see in your blog: maybe some ideas on how to use "family photo's" on altered projects.
2. Favorite decorative paper:
I love My Minds Eye, Wild Asparagus and Chatter Box - they each carry delicious assortments!
3. Favorite color: I'm getting into the springy-sherberty colors;
like lime, orange, raspberry,etc.

**Inge** said...

What would you like to see in my blog?
I like to! I love to see how other cardmakers use their supplies.

What is your favorite decorative paper?
*Oef* that's a difficult question hihi, because that changes now and then. I love Crate paper at the moment and Treehouse Memories.

What is your favorite color?
Lavender...And for papercrafts I like brown, pink and olive green.

{hugs} Inge

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