Sunday, May 1, 2011

The New Bugaboo Store is HERE!

Jodie has worked so hard to get the new store up and running. She has worked many late nights to get this done and the store is now running! We now present the new and improved new Bugaboo Store!

Before you run to check it out we have some important info to share with you! The link to the new store link is! Please note this will change back to the Bugaboo address in a few days we will alert you when this happens and remind you to change your links. We apologize for this minor inconvenience but trust me with the new store it is worth it!

First off for the month of May everything is 50 % off! So now is a great time to stock up. With the grand re-opening of the store we are offering up some wonderful prize packages for our loyal followers! You could be the winner of a $10 Gift Certificate, a $20 Gift Certificate, or you could be the lucky winner who gets 7 free images every month for the rest of 2011! That means you could be one of the lucky 8 winners!

PLUS, every order placed in May will have their name placed in the pot for a chance to win one of five $20 gift certificates that she will be giving away at the end of the month!

How can you win? Simply make sure you are a follower, create a post with the Bugaboo info above and then add your name to the inlinkz on the Bugaboo Blog. You have until May 7th at 7am!

Help us spread the word that Bugaboo has a new store and a new look. After posting the news on your blog please add your name to the Bugaboo Blog for a chance to win come great prizes!

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