Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going Black and White

Every now and then when my new stamps come in I get all excited and share my new rubber with my family. My Mom and Sister especially love to see what I am creating up in my room so I update them on not only my new supplies but also my newest creations. This past weekend I was showing my mom these super cute Magnolia stamps that I ordered from Dream Cottage (main website for these great stamps) and she loved this particular image, Tilda in France. In fact she looked at it for a while then said this image would look great on a black and white card, do you think that sounds good? I would love to see I got coloring! I used two greys to create the tones in this image and I think it really works. The greys I used were C1 and C7 from Copics and to be honest it was all I needed, to get darker tones I put layers of ink and the really dark areas I used the C7 for. Hope you like this card as much as I do, my mom issued an amazing challenge, I will have to let you know her thoughts on the final creation!


Diane said...

Oh my,it's the first time I see Tilda not colored! She looks great!
I like it!

Michelle said...

Nice! You did a great job on this B&W card. I really like this!

Julie Masse said...

Very cute Jackie! The B&W is great! :)

Joani said...

Jackie I'm so sorry for being a bad blogging sister. I've had company from out of state for a while and I've not been around.

I wanted to pop in and say "hi!" and let you know that your creations are all awesome!
Have a great day!

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