Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank you all!

Ladies, quick post for now, with no card to share, but I just had to post this...THANK YOU. Every day at work (even though I shouldn’t) I come on to check my blog and the comments you make. I have had a lot of spam comments recently so I have had to put a moderation of comments on, although I hate doing it. You all make me smile, I create cards in my ‘spare’ time and I am glad that the people I am sharing them with enjoy them as much or possibly more in some cases than I do. You have all been super supportive of everything I have done and for that I am blesses. Don’t worry, I will continue to enter in all sorts of challenges, they keep me on my toes! Tonight I have more running around (parents are on vacation so I am in charge and super busy), but when I get home or tomorrow morning I will be posting the Bella cards I created this month for the monthly Bella Card Swap that Manda on SCS is hosting. A little sneak peek of what is to come…Cupcakeabella and Mwahabella are on their way!


Toni said...

Don't you just hate spam in your comments?! I had to turn my mod feature on too and it's so horrible because I don't like people to have to wait to see if their comments got saved or not. But what can ya do?!

Diane said...

Your welcome!!! Can't wait to see
your bella cards! Have fun with your parents!

Joani said...

Sometimes life gets in my way of blogging - it's understandable. I love checking out your blog, your ideas are always great!

Stampmouse said...

life is about living not making sure everyone else in the world is happy.

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