Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Kit Club

Ladies I am still sick…I hate begin sick, don’t you?! I have been coughing, but I am getting better, in fact I went to work today which wasn’t fun, but I had to go. We only get five sick days a year, and yesterday was the third day I had to use this year….not good! On the plus side I have more pictures to share with you of the never-ending card we made last weekend at Kit Club.My demo is wonderful and she enjoys challenging us whenever she can, and she did just that this past Kit Club Meeting. The never-ending card was so much fun and it wasn’t too hard, there were just a lot of pieces to stamp and attach to the card base. You really have to like someone to send one of these cards their way, a beautiful card, but a long process.I took a picture at ever stopping point to let you see the entire card, its hard to see how it opens, but it continues to open at every face. I love the colors that were used the green and the yellows are really springy which I think we all need with all the crazy snow we have been getting. Now don’t worry, I have plenty of other cards to share with you, hopefully I will get the chance to post another creation tomorrow! See you then!


Manda said...

OMG...this is amazing... I have to get the layout for this... so love this idea, and would be interesting to try!

melanie said...

beautiful card, hope you feel better soon

Michelle said...

These cards or so neat! This one is very pretty!

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