Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh My....

So I already know what you’re thinking….where is that card she promised us? Well, after some issues I did create a card using plastic, note I say plastic…I can not find my acrylic sheets anywhere! I have an entire pad full of acrylic sheets and I can’t find it at all. I spent at least two hours tearing apart my room to no avail. I did finally use a clear card envelope for my acrylic, but it wasn’t thick enough for the magic card I had planned. Then once the card was done I couldn’t find my camera, it wasn’t in the case where I leave it, so after searching some more then I gave up and went to bed. Of course this morning while I was getting ready for work my camera was found! Someone in my family borrowed it for my brother’s baseball game. Once I get home tonight I am going to take a picture and post the card, it came out cute, but unfortunately not what I had planned for the challenge. Once I find the acrylic sheets I will make a magic card and it will be wonderful! Until later, have a lovely day!

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