Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not good...

Recently I have been a horrible swapper. I keep signing up for swaps without finishing the ones I am already in. I have posted several times before about Manda's monthly bella swap on SCS. I started out strong then it went down hill from there, I was late for the last two months and I feel horribly about it. Today I finally finished one of the six cards I need to send out and I think it turned out nicely. The problem I have with Bella cards is that I am too picky when I color in the images, I start out coloring and if I don't like it I trash it. Not the best thing to do with that many cards that need to go out, so now 1 down, 3 different main images are colored and they are all mounted. I need to pick two more Bellas to color in and get started on those...then I have a Gina K. Swap and a Gruffies about in over my head! So you should be seeing cards from all sorts of companies posted here as I complete these swap cards. Stay tuned!

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