Friday, May 2, 2008

Hanna Travels

Last night was the Hanna Stamps release party, I had plans of grandeur in creating a wonderful card for the challenge that was issued, but I ran out of time! I got home last night at 6:40 and had 20 minutes to create and post a card, oh my! I pulled out the colors for the challenge and got to coloring this Traveling Hanna image, which is pretty cute, only to find that my camera wasn’t working! EEEK! I had no idea what the problem was, before I knew it there was no more time and my camera was not cooperating. I went down and had dinner only to come back and find that I had been charging the camera battery and didn’t replace it in the camera…silly me! So by the time the party started I was able to take a picture and post the card I created, I love how I colored in this Hanna, but I don’t like the base at all, its just too simple and plain, but I had to try to create a card to be done in time. The party was a lot of fun and I ordered a few stamps, I mean how could I not order a stamp or two with those images!

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