Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some Bella Fun

I feel like I have been leaving my poor Bellas out in the cold, so on to some recent Bella creations! Tonight was the big party over at PaperPretties where they reveal that they now have their own stamps! These stamps (2 sets released) are adorable! I of course ordered one, I mean can you blame me? Here is the November Bell Box card of the month, I followed the wonderful directions that are included in my kit each month to get the order of things correct....I love this card!

I love the different take on the color scheme to a holiday card, in fact we were supposed to stamp 'happy holidays' on this card, but I just couldn't do it. With the holidays over I think it makes a fun winter card. I plan on giving it as a winter card and not a holiday card.

The next card is from this weeks challenge over at PaperPretties they have weekly challenges for their members and this week is no different. The rules are that you have to use something from the PaperPretties store on your card and complete the challenge. This week we had to use scallops so out came the Nestabilities! Love these things too! Hope you enjoy them!


Julie Masse said...

Great to "see" you last night Jackie!! Can't wait to see you cards with Sophia! :)

sparkplug17 said...

Cute cards. Winter cards are just as fun as holiday cards. :)

I wanted to ask you about the kits. Do you really like them? I wanted to be able to see them, but I didn't want to have pay $7.50 and then decide I didn't want one.

I'm a bella and MFT fan, so I thought it might be something I like. What other ones do they have?

If its can email me. Thanks, Sparkle

sparkplug17 said...

Never mind...I figured out how to look at them. Sorry.

sparkplug17 said...

I guess I could only look at the copic marker ones and stuff. I did want to know about the box kits though. And I promis now not to bother you anymore. Have a great Saturday!

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Cute Bella Cards. I have the Wreathbella, but I don't have the other one. Nice job, they are beautiful. TFS

Stampmouse said...

very cute cards

Tami in OH said...

Gotta love the bellas! Great cards - love the colors, layouts, everything! :)

Amanda G said...

great job!

LaY hOoN said...

Great works !
You really a big big fan of Bella :)

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