Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So even though I didn’t post yesterday/last night does not mean I wasn’t thinking about it. I starting working on the PaperPretties card of the month for my November My Favorite Things box when I got side tracked. It seems that my house will be the hosting spot for about 15-20 families this weekend and with that my room needs a MAJOR cleaning. Since I live at home still I need to fit everything in my bedroom, now my room is about 16’ x 16’, but with just my crafting things the room fills up fast. If it looked more organized I would share a picture, but since it really is a mess….leave it to your imagination for now. I may share some images once I clean things up a bit. I have been trying to get rid of things I don’t use, organize what I have, and pack things away into the attic if I don’t need them, but I think this will take longer than I thought it would.

I do hope to complete the November MFT Box card tonight and possibly even create my own version. Also on the list of things to do is to create a card with polka dots (PaperPretties weekly challenge), bundle up my Wish RAK Exchange package, create something Hanna related, and stop by the Stamping Bella pajama party tonight. Speaking of PaperPretties weekly challenges I won the challenge from two weeks ago and I never post my winning card, so here it is!
The challenge was to take a card you already created and revisit it in a way that would improve the card itself. I created this card as part of one of my own takes on a Bella box from September, so for this challenge I added a few things. The red paper was added as were the heart shaped brads (both items came from other PaperPretties boxes) and although you can’t really make it out I also added my Copic Glitter markers the Bella, giving her and extra sparkle. Now several of you lovely ladies have asked me about PaperPretties and enrolling for one of the wonderful boxes I have shared with you. I spoke with Christie about the boxes last week and the Bella boxes, Rubber Romance boxes, and MFT boxes are all full but there are open memberships for the Nestabilities and the Copic boxes that Christie offers. If the membership for any of the stamping boxes open up I will be sure to let you know, in the mean time you should stop by the store and pick up some of the cute new stamps PaperPretties have released….they’re too cute for words!

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Michelle said...

Very cute! Love those heart shaped brads.


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