Monday, April 16, 2007

And the Rain Came Pouring Down

It has been raining since yesterday morning. For about a hour today it was also snowing, the weather has been crazy! There was so much rain that my teacher cancelled class due to all of the flooding around. I don't like the rain really, but hey I got out of class for it today, so I guess its not that bad! Today I received some Primas I got in a bulk buy on SCS plus some Basic Grey paper I ordered from EmbellishitScrapbooking. I've added a link to the site on my Links list on the right side, they're having a good sale on Cuttlebug Embellishing Folders. I ordered on Friday and everything got here today, talk about speedy shipping!

Odd picture isn't it? This is a branch that came down in my yard that stuck up in the ground from the storm. Interesting isn't it...I thought it should be shared...LOL..the little fence behind the branch is my garden which is water logged, but will eventually grow.

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