Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mail Call!

Today was a tough day I had to leave work early for a doctors appointment for a rash on my leg. I went and it seems that I may have shingles, or a list of various other things so I get to take lots of pills! Woo-hoo! Oh and not just any sized pills! My leg is pretty sore and sort of hard to walk on, so I am hoping one of these things will fix it. I was a bit down when I walked in the door then I saw my mail pile! I got my orders from two different stamp companies today! I received not only my PaperTrey order, but also my Elyzbells! YAY! Now these Elyzbells are not the ones through A*Muse, but ones from the UK, so they are larger than the others and I can not wait to play! Here is a picture of my goodies!I promise to post when I create something with these bad boys!


Diane said...

YEAH for you!! I'm sorry about the Shingles, my Dad battled that many times and it is VERY painful! I wish you well right away! That puppy stamp is the cutest ever! I don't think we can get that in the US, I'm very sad :-(
Diane (SBS6)

Jackie said...

I hope your rash isn't shingles - maybe it's something less painful. At any rate, I do hope you are feeling better soon - looks like you had a very good mail day, those stamps are adorable!

yoorah said...

What! Another one of my swap buddy under the weather!? Keep yourselves healthy will ya?!?

Love the new toys you got! Where did you order the Elzybell stamps through?

Gina K. said...

Ooh! I am so sorry. Shingles are no fun! I hope that great looking stash you got there helps a bit!
Gina K.

Mindy said...

I'm so sorry about your leg! Hopefully those meds will kick in and you'll feel better soon. While you wait maybe those yummy new stamps will keep you distracted! I am LOVIN' that doggie in the dog house stamp. Can't wait to see it on a card.


Joani said...

I hope you get to feelin' better soon. That's awful!
I'm glad your mail was great. I look forward to that myself, it's always fun getting "good" mail.


JenMarie said...

OhMyGosh, I've heard that is so miserable, hope you are better soon!!

Deb said...

Hope you feel better soon!! I hear Shingles is really bad and worse the older you are. This mail would have made me feel better, I am definitely going to have to check out that UK site! Was it a lot more expensive and do you have the web site?

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