Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Fun Things!

After I posted about the MFT release party the Gina K. Designs party began, and thus another challenge! Not only was there lots of chatting, sneak peeks, and a great sketch challenge there was also an opportunity for a free grab bag guaranteed to have at least 10 stamps! Then Gina revealed the free stamp set of the month with your purchase of three stamp sets as well as her new website and the other new stamp sets revealed for November 1st. I had a great time, these stamp sets are wonderful, in fact all the newly released stamps are making me broke, but I am loving every minute about it! So here is my entry to the fun sketch challenge using my Make A Wish set.
So I did what is to be expected....I ordered three MFT sets and three Gina K. Design sets. SO what if I can't buy everyone Christmas presents I will have stamps to keep me company, so who needs friends...LOL! Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

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