Thursday, November 8, 2007


Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to scream? Today was one of those days, I typically don't complain about things....but I just have to vent a little, so I apologize in advance.

So today I was asked to meet with my two managers at work. We went into a conference room where they told me that they feel I have been cutting my hours bit by bit and I am 'stealing' from the company. I was SHOCKED! We have flex time at my work so we are allowed to come in until 9am and stay late to make up my time. I am typically at work by 8:45 and I rightfully stay until 6:15 pm instead of my 6:00 pm (we work 8:30-6 four days a week and get out at 2:15 on Friday). I think maybe three times I have come in at 9am and stayed until 6:30, but apparently people have been noticing that I am not making up time when I am! There are days when I stay until 6:30 and I have come in at 8:30 (happened yesterday in fact!) so I honestly don't know where it was coming from, and I am still a bit pissed about it. I watch people do nothing in the office for hours while I work, but I miss 10 minutes of making up time and I get pulled into a meeting! OMG! There are more double standards than anything else where I am and I want to just leave, but I can't. It is my first job out of college and leaving after about 5 months would look horrible on my resume. I know I can't stay forever, but I thought things would get better. People have rubber band wars and chat at others peoples desks forever but they call me away from work that I am doing (which by the way I am the fastest and most efficient on my team) to tell me I need to make up more time......AHHHHHH!!

Okay, now that I got that out.....I got happy mail today which I greatly needed! My Gina K. stamps and the My Favorite Things stamp set I won arrived. I now have 'Time for the Bubbly' from MFT as well as 'Got Snow?', 'Punchy Words', 'Sandy Claws', and 'My Tailgate or Yours'. I hope to stamp soon....but I have more drawings to do for my Dad. So back to Auto CAD for me! Oh and all the pink rubber came from Gina K. as well, they were part of my goodie bag!


Debbie M. said...

Hang in there Jackie!! I know it's tough but until you get the chance to find something better, just know it happens everywhere. I'm happy you got some happy mail to cheer up your lousy day.

Kellijo said...

This is when you start looking! 5 months right out of College is a stepping stone in your career! TRUST ME!!! DONT SETTLE for less than what you deserve! You are awesome and this makes me wanna fly there and put some whoop-ass on your bosses!

Jane said...

Sorry you're having a hard time at work. Do you have to sign onto a network at work on the computer? If so, you could have them pull your sign in and sign out times to prove the time that you are there if needed.

I started a new job recently myself and overall I really like it, but there is one lady who looks at the clock when I come in and then when I leave. Like you, we work a pretty flexible schedule and I put in my 40...often 45 a week but I still don't put in as many hours as this lady does. I can't, I have a family and I drive an hour to get there and an hour to get back. Luckily my boss knows all of this and he even tells me that the other ladies work TOO much, but I still hate seeing her look at the clock and knowing what she's thinking in terms of my not 'carrying my share'.

Anyways, I feel your pain.


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