Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fun Finds!

Hello Ladies! I know I have been absent from my blog, but I have been experiencing some 'issues' with my laptop. On the bright side my computer is under warrenty and HP is a wonderful company....on the down side I received my computer back yesterday and there is something wrong with my USB ports so I have to ship it out to them again! Not fun at all, but they will fix it and I will have a working computer.
I discovered the problem only about 2 hours ago (this problem not last months problem) when I tried to upload some pictures onto my computer from my camera. I know I have not been keeping you posted on what I have been up to so I wanted to post about my shopping finds today! Listen to what I have found recently!

Last Sunday while waiting for my Dad and Brother my Mom and I walked to the Rag Shop next to our favorite Diner. It turns out that my Rag Shop is closing and everything was on sale, including fixtures! So I did what any reasonable stamper/scrapper would do....I bought something! I was able to purchase 2 12x12 paper racks! My mom and I picked them up last night and one is all ready set up and organizing my paper. I LOVE it! I have another one, that will fit on top, but I don't want to block my windows, so I am unsure what to do with it at this time.
Doesn't it look wonderful! Such a great use for space and my paper will not warp on me any more. So Happy about that!

Now onto today's find.....a fiskars rotary paper cutter! The best part is that it was only $7 and it has been used only a few times. What a wonderful shopping day that was!
I haven't been posting a lot but I hope to fix that, I will be posting with pictures of both my Paper Pretties boxes (June & July) later today as well some of the packages I have received.

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Julie Masse said...

Truly some great finds!!! Great paper storage. Can't wait to see your creations!

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