Saturday, July 28, 2007


I am home again! Did you all miss me? I know I missed chatting with some of you wonderful ladies! I arrived home on Sunday but I am still tired. I know I have yet to post any pictures but they are coming! I am currently having issues with my computer, but ones those are resolved I will be posting some stunning images that I took while on my trip. I visited London and all different places in Scotland. I also stood in line for the Harry Potter final book while in Edinburgh...yes it took me about 8 hours or so to complete it....I loved it! Of course I had issues with a few things, as most avid readers do, but it was a wonderful ending to a very complex tale. If you have yet to read the Harry Potter series I highly recommend was such a wonderful tale!

Now on to bigger and better things! I have decided to host a Prima Share! Are you ready for it?
These are the new Prima Spite #2s and I think they are wonderful! I will be selling them in two different ways:

Full Package:
One package of each color shown above
$48.oo plus shipping

Half Package:
One half of each color shown above
$24.00 plus shipping

I think the shipping will be $6.50 for the full and $4.10 for the half, that will be priority shipping for both. Please let me know if you are interested. I can and will only take orders until the 2nd as this order needs to go out on the 3rd. I can be e-mailed at and my paypal account is , please leave a detailed description of what you want if you paypal me directly. Thank you! Have a wonderful day ladies!

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Tessa aka shastess said...

Hi Jackie!!!!

I am impressed you have time to start a blog!!! Wasn't the final Harry Potter book great?! Glad you had a good trip!!!!


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