Friday, February 23, 2007

Bellas! Primas! & Paper Pretties!

Yes, you have read right! I have recently discovered all three things listed above. I've been roaming around the online stamping world discovering things as I go, so I thought I should share all of my new found knowledge with each and every one of you.

This past weekend after viewing countless cards with Primas on them I set out to find some for myself. I found none at my local craft stores so I turned to SCS to see if anyone could recommend a site I could order from. What I found was astonishing! I discovered the Ribbon Addict herself, Jody. She has hosted many ribbon shares and had just completed hosting a Prima share. I read her post stating that she had a few spots left in her massive Prima share and jumped at the chance. Needless to say $97.00 later I have three different brands each with their own style coming my way some time in March! YAY!

I also discovered the wonderful stamps and artwork created by the ever talented Emabella who creates Stamping Bella. If you have not been sucked in by the craze yet, I warn you, it is coming to find you! LOL...The stamps are adorable, cute, fun and I can't wait till the one I ordered, yes you read correctly I ordered only one for myself, to arrive!

After finding Bella herself I was interested in some of the links offered on Emabella's blog, particularly Christie's site. I had found Paper Pretties a card of the month club that sends members one package a month. You can choose your box size, basic and large, and receive all sorts of fun things every month. Each month you receive one Bella stamp (Yay! More Bella's) and supplies to make the same card six times over. If you haven't signed up I suggest you do so! If you do decide to sign-up, please let her know that "Jackie Rakoski" sent you her way.

The links to all of these pages can be found under my Stamping Ladies or Links. That is all for now...I am going to catch up on my SCS Challenges and complete some projects for a craft fair I will be at tomorrow! Happy Stamping!

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Delia said...

Love your gallery, you are so talented.

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